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We ensure the success of your journey

A successful journey comprises many elements. First, you need a plan for where you want to go, when you want to go, how you want to get there and why you are travelling. Next, you need high-quality equipment that suits your needs and a reliable driver to drive it. Now all you need is a touch of travelling spirit, and your journey will be a guaranteed success!

We at Ventoniemi will assist you in all stages of your journey. Whether you are planning to take your team to an away game, preparing for a business trip, a family get-together or a spring trip for your group, or you simply need an easy way to get from A to B, you can rely on Ventoniemi.

Full travel package – from planning to implementation

We will provide you with a comprehensive package for travelling, allowing you to focus on enjoying the journey.

Our knowledgeable and accommodating sales personnel will assist you in planning your journey and, if you wish, we can tailor a travel package for you in Finland or abroad according to your needs. Among other things, we have experience in planning all game-related travel for entire sports clubs throughout a season, including the related schedules, routes and rest stops, so you can leave even the most complicated planning to us. When making plans, we also take any restrictions set by legislation relating to working hours and rest periods for drivers into account on your behalf.

Our coaches range from minibuses that are suited for easy travel to 66-seater maxi coaches that are excellent for longer journeys. Our coaches’ high standard of quality and regular maintenance and cleaning ensure comfortable travel.

Our friendly drivers in their familiar yellow jackets do their part to ensure the success of your journey and provide their services throughout the journey with their solid customer service experience.

How to guarantee a successful journey

  1. Contact us and request a quote for a charter coach
  2. Together, we will decide on the best route and the coach best suited for your needs
  3. We will shake on it to seal the deal
  4. The coach and the driver will be ready to travel at the agreed time
  5. Have a great journey!

Our charter coach services include:

  • The assistance of our capable and accommodating sales personnel in all matters related to travelling, such as planning the route and schedule or tailoring an entire travel package.
  • Well-equipped, air-conditioned vehicles suited for charter travel that are prepared carefully for each journey.
  • Experienced, friendly and service-minded drivers, who stick to the agreed schedules, are flexible when needed, and take care of the passengers throughout the journey.
  • Continuous 24/7 phone service with regard to repairs and travel arrangements, which allows us to respond quickly and flexibly to any sudden changes in schedule, for example.
  • Possible additional services, such as refreshments during the journey.

Planning a trip?

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24/7 service number for charter travel: +358 (0)400 851 031

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Good to know about charter coaches

Our coach range

Our coaches range from minibuses that are suited for easy travel to 66-seater maxi coaches that are excellent for longer journeys.

Do you only need a coach?

Do you already have a driver but need a coach? No worries! You can charter a coach from us without the driver service.

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